We talk a lot about Remotely Piloted Aerial Application Systems (RPAAS, or “drones”) in our blogs, specifically how they provide a wide range of operational advantages to our land reclamation and vegetation management clients, and in this blog we showcase our fleet and why each RPAAS we have serves a unique and impressive purpose. 

Currently, all kinds of drone technologies are being utilized worldwide to increase operator safety, minimize the amount of pesticides used and access tight or hard to reach areas where traditional equipment cannot go, but not all drones are created equal.

Some drones feature lightweight agility ideal for quick or hard to reach jobs, while others require the ability to carry and distribute large amounts of spray or seed over hundreds of acres. Some gather and evaluate huge amounts of data while others make operating in the nighttime as easy as operating at noon. 

We have something for everyone and every project, and our fleet continues to grow along with our business. And because at Homeland Environmental we believe that the best equipment helps deliver the best results, we work exclusively with TTA for all our drone needs - as they remain an undisputed worldwide leader in drone technology.

With tens of thousands of aircraft flying worldwide combining for over 1 million flight hours, TTA was a clear choice when we decided to enter the UAV & UGV world, and they continue to provide the right-fit for our needs and the needs of our growing list of clients across the United States. 

Our fleet’s current ability to apply liquid fertilizer, micronutrients, granular fertilizer as well as grass seed with centimeter-precision we are revolutionizing the American Vegetation Management Industry, and below we speak to the unique capabilities of the drones within our fleet.

M4E - 5L Capacity

We know that not everyone has the biggest needs or the biggest budgets, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a drone capable of delivering the job better. 

With its low cost and convenient portability, the M4E is an ideal entry-level RPAAS that delivers performance well above its weight class. With a 5L capacity and incredible speed and agility, this unit is the perfect fit for smaller or difficult to access areas such as gardens, slopes, or research plots.

M6E-X RTF - 10L Capacity

A step up in both ability and capacity, the six-rotor RPAAS features a robust dual-pump system capable of feeding six individually motor-mounted spray nozzles for increased coverage and more time between refills. 

At its price point, this aircraft will not be outperformed in capability, quality or features. Fully equipped to manage terrain following and fully autonomous flight planning, its rugged stability and waterproof design make it an aircraft you can rely on for a wide variety of projects. 

M8A Pro - 20L Capacity

For those who have big projects and big visions, the M8A Pro features our largest carrying capacity of 20L and a ton of features designed to tackle the most challenging projects./ . This RPAAS boasts a carbon-fibre boom-mounted spray system which can be swapped out for a 20kg capacity granular spreader for seeding grass or spreading fertilizer. 

For those looking for a one-stop-shop, rest assured our load in and load out is exceptionally fast, with changeovers that can be completed in just five minutes. 


For every project, data is key, and when it comes to data, you need a bird’s eye view of everything. This unit loves to fly and offers an advantageous combination of fixed wing endurance and the VTOL capabilities of a multirotor. 

With 1-2hr flight time capabilities, up to 2kg carrying capacity and a wide variety of payload options, the SP9 VTOL is Homeland’s go-to for a variety of large-scale mapping or surveillance assignments.

XAG R150 

This Unmanned Ground Vehicle is born for the next generation farming with unmanned systems, powerful scalability and multiple operation modes. As the first mass-produced agricultural robotic platform of its kind, its high-intensity structure includes multiple protections from even the harshest conditions and high-performance motors capable of traversing a variety of awkward terrains with strong momentum and ease. 

From precision crop protection, field scouting to on-farm material delivery, our XAGs offer industry-leading ground-based autonomous solutions that will ensure you get the very most out of your crop. 

Interested in learning more about how specific drones may be able to help improve the efficiency or effectiveness of your vegetation, reclamation or property maintenance project?

We have offices across the US and would be happy to show you exactly why our environmental solutions are heralded as some of the best in the country! 

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Homeland Environmental Solutions is also spearheading a nationwide working group to gather the required information to responsibly bring pesticide application via RPAAS technology to Canada.

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