We’re always happy to audit your current solutions to see if there’s room for improvements.

Focused and Formidable

Our two decades of experience and unwavering commitment to remaining at the forefront of innovation ensures we can always recommend and execute the best solutions for your needs.

Before recommending anything, we collaborate with you to truly understand the opportunities and challenges that define your current realities and future goals.

After taking the time to get to know you and your priorities, we’ll offer our recommendations, ensuring you’re educated and confident in the big-picture strategy behind whatever customized solution we decide on together.

Our Process

Before we recommend anything, we meet with new clients to discuss your goals, challenges, and personal preferences, to ensure we understand your unique situation.

Ensuring 100% Satisfaction

Once completed, we review the immediate results and long-term performance of our efforts, ensuring your 100% satisfaction.

Initial Client Meeting

Before we recommend anything, we meet with you to discuss your goals, challenges, and personal preferences to ensure we understand your unique situation.

Real-Time Tracking

Once our proposal is approved by both sides, we ensure all timelines and key project touch points are defined, communicated, and tracked in real time via shared project management tools.

Review Past Solutions

If applicable, we review past solutions and their performance against appropriate alternatives, as well as anything we've learned in similar projects that may be applicable.


Client Feedback

Even the best recommendations have room for improvement. We ensure everyone is 100% confident in the plan by receiving and addressing any and all feedback provided by you, the client.

Custom Solution

Our custom solutions come complete with explanations connecting our recommendations to your unique needs.

Our team

Bryan Sanders


Wade McLean


Simone Azzalin

Vice President

Cory Southam, B.Sc.

VP Operations

Zach Brooks-Poloway, B.Sc

Operations Manager

Jessica Von Hollen

Accounting Manager

Working Group

Homeland Environmental Solutions is also spearheading a nationwide working group to gather the required information to responsibly bring pesticide application via RPAAS technology to the United States.


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Environmental Stewards at Work

Over two decades of experience and an unwavering commitment to sustainable practices.