Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) technology is being utilized worldwide to increase operator safety, minimize pesticide use, and increase access to tight or hard-to-reach areas where traditional equipment cannot go.

We utilize TTA’s technology — a worldwide leader in drone technology — to offer six impressive platforms ranging in size from 5-20L, as well as an interchangeable 20kg granular spreading device that can be installed on the 20L platform in under five minutes. We boast the ability to apply liquid fertilizer, micronutrients, granular fertilizer, and grass seed with centimetre-precision — with a goal to revolutionize the American Vegetation Management industry.

V40 Large Spraying Drone

Meet the ultimate spraying drone, by XAG. The exclusive twin-rotor design carries a whopping 47" propellers and a 4.2-gallon tank, resulting in never-before-seen canopy penetration. Paired with XAG's industry-leading rotary atomization nozzles and high-flow pumps, the V40 is an expert applicator.

DJI Agras T10 Spraying Drone

With equal distribution and superior drift control, plus 16 spray nozzles that offer broad coverage, this drone can spray up to 40 acres per hour. It also has a 30-gallon tank and branch-targeting technology for thorough penetration.

M6E G200 Spraying Drone

The G200 (4.2 gallon) is the affordable spraying drone. Efficiency meets intelligence in this fully-automatic sprayer. Field tough and ultra-low maintenance, with advanced dual smart pumps and smartspray fully-automatic flow control. Plus, it can be converted into a seed spreader!

SP9 VTOL Long Range Drone

With fixed-wing endurance, up to 2hr flight times, 2kg carrying capacity, and several payload options, the VTOL capabilities of a multi-rotor makes it ideal for mapping and surveillance.

XAG R150

Born for the next generation farming, this UAV's unmanned systems, powerful scalability, and multiple operation modes offer a ton of advantages to our cash crop clients.

As the first mass-produced agricultural robotic platform of its kind, the XAG R150 has proven its worth across countless applications, from precision crop protection, to on-farm material delivery, and countless additional convenient service offerings.

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